Kai is a go-with-the-flow kind of fairy.
Never afraid of changing her plans, Kai will drop everything to help her friends if they need her. Kai is always there for them, through all the twists, turns, and rocky waters along the way.

Favourite Colour:

Aqua Blue

Plantimal Friend:

Kibo the Marigoldfish

Favourite Seeds:

Red Amaranth

Favourite Activities:

  • Swimming
  • Floating on the river and seeing where it takes her
  • Playing games with the fishes
  • Watching the rain
  • Being around her friends
  • Skipping rocks on lakes
  • Jumping in puddles

Kai’s Fairy Garden Home

Sow your red amaranth seeds to grow a magical, water-themed garden for Kai and Kibo in the Well of Wishes! Decorate with accessories and make a wish in the well!