Skye cares deeply about her friends
and is not afraid to show it.

Just like the shifting winds, her emotions can change quickly, but her love for her friends and nature help her weather any storm that comes their way.
With her head in the clouds, Skye is up for any adventure!

Favourite Colour:

Sky Blue

Plantimal Friends:

Snap the Snapdragon

Favourite Seeds:


Favourite Activities:

  • Flying high up in the clouds
  • Going on adventures in her blossom balloon
  • Bird watching
  • Racing her friends
  • Singing

Skye’s Fairy Garden Home

Skye has her very own Blossom Balloon and loves to play with Snap in the fairy garden! Plant the coriander seeds and nurture them with the garden accessories and watering can. Blow on the flowers and wind spinners to make them spin!