Part plant, part animal, all amazing! The Plantimal friends stand by their fairy friends through every adventure!

The Hedgehoglets

Twig, the youngest and the silliest, always has a smile on his face.

Prickles can be a bit of a grump at times, but that’s only more down-to-earth than her siblings.

Quill is the oldest and the natural leader of the siblings!

Snap the Snapdragon

Snap loves to be the centre of attention, and always feels the most confident when she’s flying through the sky.

Nothing makes Snap happier than knowing all eyes are on her, even if it’s because she’s acting a little silly!

Kibo the Marigoldfish

Kibo balances out the more relaxed, go-with-the-flow energy of his friend Kai. Some of Kai’s more spontaneous moments leave Kibo feeling like a regular fish out of water, but he’s still happy to tag along on all her adventures!

Nettles the Catcus

Don’t be fooled by Nettles’ prickly personality – beneath that sharp exterior is a real softy. Where Luna is often a little unsure of herself, Nettles always knows just what to do, even if she keeps a lot of her ideas a mystery to everyone else.

Hop the Butterfly Treefrog

Hop is always willing to match Rae’s energy, and often the two of them can be found literally jumping for joy! Though a little more realistic than Rae and her big ideas, Hop loves to bring a smile to her face when he can!